My designs are based on original mid-century sewing boxes. I admire their clean lines and elegant design, and also see their potential to be used for much more. The idea was born to create pieces with the ability to store precious items which, rather than being hidden away, could take centre stage in any room. 

My influences come from the desire to be kind to the planet whilst using quality products. My truly unique pieces draw inspiration from different aspects of my life. Many ideas come from my local surroundings: living by the sea in Portobello with its wide skies and sea which change daily in colour and form; the rich architecture in Edinburgh and the vast landscapes I visit in Scotland. As well as this, I have been greatly influenced by my family and their love of patterns, colour and textures. My Nanny Joy inspired many of my most colourful designs.


I have always loved fabrics, colour and textures and studied at the School of Master Upholsterers and Soft Furnishing in Stirling. Using this knowledge and my passion for combining textiles and colours, the idea was born to create truly unique upholstered boxes.  Every one I create is different, telling a story inspired by the world around me. 

Growing up I was always drawn to colour; my mum always had colourful flowers around the house and every week we would visit my Nanny and Papa.  Nanny Joy was always dressed in the most colourful and vibrant dresses and their garden was an explosion of colours and textures. The house was full of love and it was here where she taught me to sew and introduced me to the magical art of creating items from stitching different fabrics together.   

Whenever I think of those visits I am filled with great memories, and it's from here that my passion for textiles and patterns grew. Nanny Joy often wore yellow and blue hues, and these feature heavily in my choices of colour.

Now living by the sea and walking my dog Lola on the beach every day, my designs are often inspired by the vast ever-changing sky and water; from the inky blue and green sea to the rolling hills in the distance and its contrast with the flat ocean (on a calm day!). It can also be the smallest thing that inspires me, from the patterns the cracks make in the sea wall to the swirls in the pebbles on the beach.

I notice the different textures which are all around us and how these collide into each other without compromise. This realisation is reflected in my work in which I use a variety of textiles and colours to create my geometric and abstract designs.